Hundreds of years ago, the mounted archers of Ottoman Turkey rode to battle with their famous composite bows made of horn, wood and sinew, proving unstoppable for armies of the Byzantine Empire and southern Europe. This powerful weapon of war later developed into the famous flight bow of phenomenal cast, equalled only by modern bows made of space age materials.

The author explores the origin, the function and the performance of the bows, based on his many years' experience in making accurate replicas, on original sources and on his research on surviving original artifacts. Written for readers interested in the ancient technology, the book provides detailed instructions about manufacture and construction, including methods of decoration. It is not aimed at a casual reader or a beginning bowyer, but at experienced archers and craftsmen who are already familiar with the mechanics and the terminology. The Ottoman bows, renowned for great power and beautiful finish, are thought by many to be the pinnacle of perfection in the art of ancient bow making.

Ottoman Turkish bows, manufacture & design, 2nd edition
by Adam Karpowicz
e-book; Amazon Kindle ISBN# 978-0-9811372-2-3, Apple iBooks ISBN# 978-0-9811372-1-6.
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